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Say 'So Long' to Self Doubt in 4 Easy Steps

It's not about skill. It's about effort.

You've no doubt heard this. You can see it, too, in ACN. RVPs who began their businesses with no business training. SVPs whose entrepreneurial spirit was their only business asset. If you're coachable, you can become successful. 

A Stanford University-backed study examined high school students in three mindsets:

  1. Intelligence is static. I can't gain it or lose it.
  2. Some people can increase intelligence. I cannot.
  3. Intelligence is malleable. My intelligence today doesn't determine how smart I can become. (Which do you believe, by the way?)

The group that believed intelligence could change outperformed both other groups. Self-doubt can ground you before your dreams even have a chance to take off. 

When you at least see possibility in your future, it sets you on a path to success. When you see no possibility...eventually, the chance for it fades away.

Mantras and good thoughts help. But when it comes to everyday struggles, you need a little more. Try these tips to wipe out doubt and get to the things you need to grow your business and yourself.



Timing isn't always right for that customer or prospect. Sort your apples. Move on. Share the Compass App with red apples, keep contact information for the greens. You know what to do with the browns. Spend your time looking for the people who are looking for you.

Try this: Listen. When you talk with someone new, learn their why - and then share yours. Frame it as a way to help each other.



You know that voice that says you can't do this? Or you shouldn't try that? That's self-doubt. When it creeps in, think of your why and what you've accomplished. Becoming customer qualified. Your latest promotion. You've already come so far.

Try this: check out Success on Demand for motivational podcasts. Listen to them when you're driving to home meetings.



English business magnate Richard Branson has an opinion about opportunity. He says if you're offered an amazing opportunity but aren't sure you can do it, say yes. You can learn how to do it later!

Situations are places in front of us that we don't recognize for what they are - opportunities.

Try this: Next time you're invited to a gathering you're not excited about or running an errand you'd rather not? Consider the setting. Is there an opportunity to talk to someone new? To learn something new? Don't miss out on the opportunity to broaden your horizons.



When you joined ACN, you envisioned something better. It starts with a dream, but you must feed the dream, too. Remember the quote from American political figure Eleanor Roosevelt. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Try this: No greater reminder of that vision exists than International Training! Register today. Bring a friend. Share your belief!


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You believed in the possibilities of what your life could look like if ACN could work for you. Don't abandon those beliefs! Manage self-doubt and restore your belief. You'll be better able to see the incremental ways your efforts are paying off.

Remember, promotions and pay are milestones in this journey. Personal development transforms you from the inside. It prepares you for possibilities you might not even realize exist yet.



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